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Dick Delicious And The Tasty Testicles

Vulgar Display Of Obscurity

Newest release from these comedy metal pervs! Features guests from Mastodon, Brutal Truth and Nashville Pussy.

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The world's funniest heavy metal party album was recorded going back and forth between Atlanta and LA starting at the end of 2010 and wrapped up in early 2011. During that time the band picked up their first female member, Constance X and got long time friends from Mastodon, Brutal Truth, and Nashville Pussy. The album is a "concept" (what the concept is - I'm not really sure) that consists of 40 tracks and is 80 minutes long - we highly recommend you listen start to finish, but it's fun on shuffle too. - Dick Delicious

Track Listing

  • The Earth Vs. Dick Delicious
  • Viagrivated Assault
  • A Message From The Makers of Ciagra
  • Beer, Shit, AIDS and Bad Drugs
  • A Band With Benefits'
  • Nothing Says Loving Like A Brutal Dutch Oven
  • I Won The Drug War
  • Al Speaks on the Meaning of Life
  • The Odor of the Floater
  • I Wanna Kill The Black Eyed Peas
  • I Wanna Kill The Black Eyed Peas (Slight Return)
  • Pillow Talk
  • Post Coital Cuddling Syndrome
  • A Message From The Makers of Suppress-a-cuddle
  • What Flavor Is This'
  • Feed The Homeless (To Each Other)
  • I'm From Georgia
  • Retarded Girls
  • Got Meth'
  • Ghetto Biscuits
  • A Friend With Cocaine Is A Good Friend (Until the Cocaine Runs Out)
  • A Nazi and a Jew Bond Over Blow
  • Dick vs. The Department of Corrections
  • Probation
  • Yo, Funbags!
  • Mandatory Breast Augmentation
  • Fashionable Diarrhea
  • Groupies Make The World Go 'round!
  • Hugh Sharts in Cincinnati
  • Clinching When I Should Have Been Pinching
  • I Shit My Pants For This'
  • Good Lovin' Gone Brown
  • Dick and Hugh Decorate Their Shoes
  • Jagermeister (It's Not For Breakfast Anymore)
  • Hormones in the Beef
  • Don't Want No Fingers In My Butt
  • Pornography
  • A Band With Benefits (Slight Return)
  • Dilation and Extraction
  • How To Clear A Room in 5:44