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Born Again Deluxe Edition

25 years in the making, the Dwarves Are Born Again is an instant classic. Includes bonus DVD!

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That's right folks, the Dwarves magnum opus is done and set to drop on vinyl and CD, both including a free DVD! 25 years in the making the Dwarves Are Born Again features heroes from throughout the Dwarves saga. Blag the Ripper, HeWhoCanNotBeNamed, Rex Everything, the Fresh Prince of Darkness and a cast of thousands including Vadge Moore and Sgt. Saltpeter from the notorious Blood, Guts and Pussy record return to crush the ears of a desperate public. You get hardcore punk, ear banging pop and everything in between from the long standing masters of all styles. Damaged rock celebrity cameos mix with twisted phone messages and ear splitting noise all delivered with the pomp and circumstance that only the mighty Dwarves can deliver.


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“Since the Dwarves’ 1990 masterpiece of perversion, Blood Guts & Pussy, the band has manipulated its scabrous punk formula to varying degrees of offensiveness. But founders Blag Dahlia and HeWhoCannotBeNamed have convened the group for the new, aptly titled The Dwarves Are Born Again. It’s the best album the band has made in years; crude yet catchy (and not above flinging yet more jokes about sluts and AIDS), Born Again may not reinvent anything—but it shows that the Dwarves still know how to shit out potent loads of disgusting fun.”
     —Jason Heller, THE ONION AV CLUB

“By tapping into the primordial urge of mankind— the very source that provided the fuel for their earlier classics—the band has delivered an edgy and thought-provoking record that neither retreads their past work, nor abandons it altogether.”
     —John Gentile, PUNK NEWS

“Judging by Are Born Again's waltz with punk, hardcore, rock's golden age, drugs, alcohol, sexual deviance, murder, suicide and crotch-kicking authority, they aren't slowing or mellowing.”
     —Kevin Stewart-Panko, ALTERNATIVE PRESS

Track Listing

  • The Dwarves Are Still The Best Band Ever
  • 15 Minutes
  • Stop Me
  • Looking Out For Number One
  • You'll Never Take Us Alive
  • Bang Up
  • We Only Came To Get High
  • I Masturbate Me
  • It's A Wonderful Life of Sin
  • Happy Birthday Suicide
  • Fake ID
  • Working Class Hole
  • Candy Now
  • Do The HeWhoCannotBeNamed
  • Your Girl's Mom
  • Zip Zero
  • The Band That Wouldn't Die

Bonus Materials:

  • Includes bonus DVD