Boys Behinds Bars 2

Sexually charged, viciously violent, and most of all deranged and twisted More

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Rachael Sage

Blue Roses

Rachael Sage's "Blue Roses" features members of Daft Punk, Patti Smith & Bruce Springsteen's bands & icon Judy Collins.

Superbad (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

First time on vinyl for this classic soundtrack!

Not Another Celebrity Movie

The world's greatest celebrities in one crazy film. Sort of.

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My Uncle Rafael

An old Armenian uncle is cast in a reality TV show where he has one week to save an American family from falling apart.

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Arturo Sandoval & Jorge Calandrelli

Eternamente Manzanero

Performing the music of revered Mexican romantic singer/songwriter, Manzanero, this Sandoval CD is a true labor of love.

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